Your guiding question for this paper will be: how does this monster represent cohen’s theses on monster culture?

For this first formal writing assignment you are tasked with reading Jeffrey Cohen’s essay “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” and applying his theories to a fictional monster of your choosing. The purpose of this essay is to draw connections between the reading and a monster within popular culture in order to better understand the space monsters occupy in our individual and collective imaginations.
Your guiding question for this paper will be: How does this monster represent Cohen’s theses on Monster Culture?
You will write a summary of your chosen image, describing it to your reader in detail, and then write an analysis, which attempts to answer the guiding question using the image itself and assigned reading as supporting evidence.
Outline of the Paper:
Consider this a guide for how you might structure this essay…it is by no means a set model; you should organize your essay however you think you can best convey your thoughts.
Introduction to the paper’s topic—introduce Cohen’s essay, your chosen monster, as well as the piece of popular media this monster is from. Briefly summarize who the monster is and give a description.
A summary of Cohen’s “Monster Culture” essay. End this paragraph with your thesis statement.
Body-Analysis (3-4 paragraphs). Support your thesis by examining 1-3 of Cohen’s seven theses in depth and explaining how your chosen monster fits into that category (this part will be the largest part of the essay). Use should use descriptions of the monster, your own experiences or connections to popular culture and history, as well as incorporate ideas and quotations from Cohen’s article as support.
Conclusion which explains to the reader how understanding the role of monsters within a culture might help better understand how human beings relate to one another.
Requirements and Formatting:
Length: 2-3 full pages double spaced,
APA style formatting and documentation
Include at least three (3) quotes from the assigned article in your essay to support your thesis
Font: a 12-point font; Times New Roman or 11-point Calibri are good font choices.
This paper should use in-text citations where appropriate and necessary and should have a References list citing your chosen image and the article)
In accordance with APA formatting, you will need to include a cover page for this assignment.
Thesis 1: The monster’s physical body is like human, but not human
Thesis 2: Monsters always return, changing as the culture changes
Thesis 3: Monsters make us uncomfortable because they resist categories and labels
Thesis 4: Monsters represent cultural differences
Thesis 5: Monsters show us that our curiosity and exploration has consequences
Thesis 6: Monsters are the appeal and attraction to danger, freedom and escape from reality
Thesis 7: Monsters are our own creations, they represent our intolerance of anything different