Your conclusion is a good place to make a new, but related, point.

Choose ONE of the critical thinking questions from Chapters 4-6 of the textbook.
Your essay should have at least 4 paragraphs (including an introduction and conclusion). The rubric for grading is as follows:
5 points: includes the question you are answering, copied from the textbook
7 points: states a clear argument (a thesis statement) in the first paragraph, the introduction.
5 points: uses primary sources from the textbook; you can paraphrase, or quote, or summarize the primary sources.
5 points: makes accurate references to dates, figures, and terms in the textbook. Refer to these important details to make your argument, and as evidence to support your argument.
2 points: organization: one idea leads to the next
3 points: mechanics: spelling and grammar
3 points: includes a conclusion that is not highly redundant and does NOT repeat what has already been stated. Your conclusion is a good place to make a new, but related, point. The new but related point should help summarize what you said, and clarify what you said (but not simply repeat what you already said)
the critical thinking question is >>> Why do you think the Greeks held athletic competitions that were linked to death and funerals?
included screenshots of the reading since I can’t link it you could also do your own research