Year and age at time of birth

No sources please follow the Instructions: Interview someone about their birth experience using some or all of the questions below. Optional but encouraged: also interview someone from a different generation asking the same questions as below, noting differences and similarities (for example, if you interviewed your mother/aunt, also interview your grandmother/great aunt – or your sister/cousin).
Jot down notes during your interview. These do not need to be submitted, but we will discuss your findings during class.
To receive credit for the assignment, submit a brief (1-2 paragraph) reflection on something that you learned or found interesting in your interview(s).
These questions are meant to be a guide. Please collect some basic details (#1) and some advice (#11), but otherwise feel free to skip questions or ask additional questions.
Basic details:
Year and age at time of birth
Where was the baby born (eg. hospital, birth center, home)?
Type of birth (eg. vaginal, vacuum or forceps-assisted, planned or emergency Cesarean)?
How did you manage labor pain (eg. epidural, IV medication, nitrous oxide, massage, breathing techniques, etc)?
Who attended the birth (eg. physician, midwife, other)?
Family situation (eg. partnered, any other children or others in the household) – how did others respond to the pregnancy and birth?
Any special instructions or beliefs about well-being during pregnancy and birth (eg. foods or activities to avoid)?
Did you use any particular method to prepare for birth (eg. Lamaze, Bradley Method, hypo-birthing)? If so, was it helpful? Is there anything you wish you had known or done in preparation for birth?
How well did your chosen method of pain management work for you?
Who provided support during labor and birth (eg. doula, partner, mom, nurse, etc.)? What did they do that was helpful (or not!)?
Position during birth (eg. recumbent, hands and knees, side-lying, squatting)?
How ready did you feel for discharge (ie. feeling prepared to care for newborn and yourself at home)?
How would you describe the role that nurses played in your pregnancy and birth experience?
What was most memorable about this birth?
What do you think a new nurse should know about caring for people having a baby? **Please ask this one!**
Is there anything else you want to share about your birth experience?