Wrongful Conviction

Watch film the Double Jeopardy 

A minimum of 1,600 words and no more than 2,200 words

While these papers must have a scholarly tone (e.g. using appropriate grammar and a college-level vocabulary, not using contractions or the first-person), they will consist mainly of yourown original ideas and thoughts. For this paper, you will need to describe, in detail, how some of the various concepts we have covered throughout the class apply to the film. You may discuss any aspect of the film, so long as you integrate some of the concepts that you have learned in the reading and online discussions throughout the semester.

Please do not use outside sources (e.g. scholarly articles, books, Wikipedia, Internet sources). YOU ALSO MUST DO MUCH MORE THAN DISCUSS THE PLOT. You need to Apply theconcepts we have covered throughout the semester. Application will be key to this project. I will allow you to quote the movie if you feel that it illustrates an important point. However, a quotecan be no more than 50 words. And, you may only quote your film a maximum of three times. No exceptions. Please make sure that you follow this rule, as deviations will result in a penalty.