Writer’s voice and tone

Sharp, distinct controlling
point made about a single
topic with evident
awareness of task,Substantial, specific, and/or
illustrative content
demonstrating strong
development and sophisticated
ideas,Sophisticated arrangement of
content with evident and/or
subtle transitions,Precise, illustrative use of a
variety of words and sentence
structures to create consistent
writer’s voice and tone
appropriate to audience,Evident control of grammar,
mechanics, spelling, usage and
sentence formation.Thesis Statement meets all the
criteria of a Thesis Statement,Your Role as the writer identified
and sustained throughout the
paper,Target Audience is clearly defined
and used throughout the paper
and used in the conclusion,Excellent use of MLA and 2-3
resources to support your analysis,All paragraphs are well structured
to address a topic sentence,
information is structured well, all
sentences are complete thoughts,
spelling and grammar are correct.