Write a literary analysis essay on “adage by billy coins” do a close reading analysis of the text.

Write a Literary Analysis Essay on “Adage by Billy Coins” Do a close reading analysis of the text. Your analysis must be
750-1000 words
1- Follow the claim you make in your working thesis and your tentative outline. Some possible ideas to consider with your claims about the literature:
a) How does the audience relate to the subject (theme, characters, plot)?
b) What are the relative values of text, subtext, and context within the work?
c) How is the genre related to other genres (similar or different)?
d) Is this a good example of the genre or does it deviate from conventions?
e) What kind of information is most important in this genre? (dialogue, imagery, action, narrative, etc.)
f) Who or what is the source of authority for “truth” in the text?
3- Make specific references to the text (quotations, summaries, and paraphrase) to support your claims.
4- Follow an essay structure:
a) State your purpose and the ideas, steps, or parts that you will need to achieve your purpose.
b) Use paragraphs to organize the supporting ideas, steps, or parts that make sense of your overall claim.
5- Target a word count of approximately 1200 words.
6- Follow MLA style (See Purdue OWL for guidelines and samples)
7- Once you have completed a draft of your essay, come up with a title that accurately names what you have written.
8- Make sure to attach a work cited page