Write a 750- 1,000 summary that includes the following elements:

Please ready throughly: Conduct an interview with one or both of your parents about your family history. If this is not possible, consider interviewing your spouse’s parents or another older family member such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. If family is not available to interview, or if this assignment is too emotionally challenging, please speak to your instructor for suggestions.
Part One:
Write a 750- 1,000 summary that includes the following elements:
An overview of your findings within your family interview. Some potential interview questions include (a) What is/was your relationship like with your parents? (b) What was your parents’ relationship like growing up? How about now? (c) What was your relationship like with your siblings growing up? How about now? (d) What was your siblings’ relationships like with your parents?
Examples of Bowenian family dynamics, which include but are not limited to relationship triangles, instances of emotional fusion and/or reactive distancing, as well as a description of the levels of differentiation in the family.
A discussion of some of the insights you found valuable and/or interesting when applying Bowen’s concepts to the information found within your family interview.
At least three scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, books, etc.)
Part Two:
Create a genogram of your family for the past two generations. The genogram can be handwritten and scanned, completed as a PDF, or completed using Word tools to ensure it can be uploaded. Include the following in your genogram:
A key to provide an explanation of symbols used within your genogram.
Your family members, key relationship dynamics, as well as instances of mental health and substance abuse issues.
A brief reflection of your findings within the genogram (50-100 words).
Submit the paper, genogram, and reflection.
Things to add in the paper: I have a great relationship with both parents. im closer to my mom; due to my father being incarcerated for all these years since I was the age of 14. We talk almost everyday I visit once a month. My parents were cool co parenting. They always use to tell us we better as friends then in a relationship. They still have a good relationship my mother don’t visit my father but she will talk on the phone with him regarding us or his grandchildren. My relationship with my siblings is good. I’m the glue that keep everyone together, I plan all of the siblings outings and events etc. we are still close and make sure our children is close with one another even the ones who stay out of state. My siblings has a good relationship with our mom. Some is just now trying to rekindle their relationship with our father. They were mad because of the situation that got him incarcerated. They didn’t understand the decision our father had to make. Losing our brother last year made them rethink some things and want to get the closeness relationship with our father.