Write 1 paragraph about the audience the text is trying to persuade and what audience the text invokes.

Analysis Project
Course Objectives Practiced
• To improve students’ analytical skills in reading and writing; to explore through
readings and writing assignments issues and problems both unique and common
to particular disciplines and professions
• To help students understand the rhetorical context of all writing, both academic
and professional
• To give students an opportunity to explore a variety of non-fiction writing forms
including narrative, analysis, explanation, argument, and critique
• To encourage students to develop appropriate and consistent strategies for
organizing and developing written assignments
• To provide students with principles of and experience in editing their own work
and that of other student writers for content, clarity, and style
You will write 1,500 words as you analyze 3-4 persuasive texts about your chosen issue
that are in at least 2 different genres. The texts can be written, audio, visual, or
multimedia. You will then reflect on what strategies and approaches you are interested
in using in the Synthesis Project.
For each text you analyze, you will do the following:
1. Provide a link to or screenshot of the text.
2. Write 1 paragraph about the audience the text is trying to persuade and what
audience the text invokes. Include specific textual references to support your
3. Write 1 paragraph about the genre of the text, the affordances and constraints of
the genre, how the text meets or breaks away from genre conventions, and what
action the genre takes. Use specific textual references or descriptions to support
your anaysis.
4. Write 1 paragraph about the exigency of the text, both what seems to have
prompted the author to create the text and how the text creates exigency for the
audience. Use specific examples to support your analysis.
For the reflection, you will do the following:
1. Explain what you found interesting, effective, or ineffective about the texts you
2. Describe what strategies or approaches you would like to imitate in the Synthesis
3. Describe what you would like to do differently in the Synthesis Project.
You will include a Works Cited in a citation style you are comfortable with for all sources
you use for this project.
• The analysis section and reflection section should add up to at least 1,500 words.
(Don’t go over 2,000 words.) Post your word count at the end of the document.
• This project does not include a thesis statement anywhere. You don’t need to
write this like a traditional essay! You can use bullet points, lists, headings, and
other document design options if those will help you or your reader (me).
• If you are analyzing a long text, you can choose to limit the scope of your
analysis two pages/minutes for each text.
• Your Works Cited page should be in a citation style that you are comfortable with
or that your discipline uses.
• You may single- or double-space your writing.
• Use an easy-to-read font.
Here are the three sources that you will do the work on.
1. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/job.1988?casa_token=v-AU7CGq1NkAAAAA%3Ap_X3ouJs-8aEN7lf_luoIMP9QwokaAWvPfF3ksRla9k1YhGMqQChAw8WMkgRQtquqioX7Cg2f98syNk1
2. https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/begin-talking-race-workplace/
3. https://www.dcpolicycenter.org/publications/battling-racial-discrimination-in-the-workplace/