Why or why not?

After reading the article, prepare a review of the article, between 750 and 1000 words, double spaced, APA format. It is not necessary to include an abstract or running head. The article and paper will be uploaded to blackboard for credit. Article choice to be submitted to blackboard.
The following is an outline for what should be covered in your review:
Give a review of the article. (What was it about, this will be the majority of the assignment)
Who was the article written for? Was it based in the USA or another country?
Was the information easy to understand? Why or why not?
When quoting or paraphrasing the article, include in-text citation and attach a reference page with the article listed. The paper must be written in APA format, with a title page and reference page. Please paraphrase appropriately, with no more than 2 direct quotes (if necessary). Failure to submit the review by the due date will result in 10 points being deducted each day it is late. Plagiarism is inadmissible and can result in failure of assignment. See penalty for Plagiarism (SEC catalog).