Why or why not?

Background: In Harsh Justice, James Whitman argues that mass incarceration occurred in the United States because of the “worst excesses of American democracy . . . Harshness and democratization go hand in hand” (55). For example, the United States is the only country in the world where citizens elect prosecutors. In America, prosecutors, judges, and sheriffs are elected by voters that usually favor the “tough on crime” candidate or do not understand the complexity of the criminal justice system.
Critics disagree, arguing that the democratic process ensures that citizens have meaningful input into criminal justice decisions.
Question the essay should answer: Should the United States stop electing judges and prosecutors? Why or why not?
***This paper will contain a thesis – an argumentative statement, not a statement of your topic – that can be supported with appropriate evidence.
Must be 1200 words and include cite five of the six sources I have attached.