Why do you think ramone joined a gang?

In this assignment, you are required to scrutinize social, community and environmental influences on delinquency. A hypothetical scenario is used to provide the basis for an analytical application of influences on delinquency including, family, peers, drugs, and schools. The assignment also requires you to construct a prevention and control program utilizing successful strategies and evidence-based solutions discussed in your course materials. This a written assignment that should take you approximately three hours and be five to six pages in length.
Downtown Los Angeles and the dirty streets are full of teenagers. Beth is just finishing her midnight shift at the 24-hour Grocery Mart. It is the only job she has been able to obtain with no high school diploma and a felony record for drug use. She heads home and wonders if her two children are on the streets. With no one to supervise them, they often spend the evenings out. Lisa is 14-years-old and her brother, Ramone is 17. Doing well in school until the sixth grade, he eventually stopped attending. He saw no point and rival gang members threatened him in the halls. He was arrested last year when he retaliated against a rival gang member who shot his gang brother. He spent six months in a juvenile correctional institution. His sister, Lisa, was abused by their Mom’s boyfriend last year. She ran away and was arrested. She is home now, but hardly speaks to anyone. Lately, she has been stealing her brother’s marijuana so she can sleep. There is a teacher who has been trying to help, but Lisa does not want to go to school anymore. There is no one else in her life. She thinks she will run away again to a better place, but she may be pregnant and is afraid.
You are required to address the following based on this scenario:
What are some of the reasons Ramone may have joined a gang and used drugs?
Their family is struggling. What are some of the familial risk factors and what are some of the possible outcomes for Ramone and Lisa.
Why might Lisa’s delinquency risks be different than her brothers?
If Lisa and her brother are using drugs, what are their delinquency risks?
What can the schools do to help prevent or control these youths’ antisocial behaviors and keep them in school?
Why do you think Ramone joined a gang?
Please discuss any additional issues that you determine apply to this factual scenario.
What prevention and treatment programs would best address these children’s risk factors and delinquency? Be comprehensive discussing at least six different programs that apply to the factual scenario before you. Please, refer to and review chapters seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. Think deeply about all of the factors in these youths lives and what you have learned that applies to their circumstances.
Action Items
Complete all required readings prior to working on this assignment.
Read and reflect upon the scenario above.
In a 5-6 page paper, address the issues and questions posed above. Use your assigned readings and at least one outside academic source to support your position.
Your paper is to include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page. Format your title page, paper, and cite ALL sources