Which state and federal programs allowed their establishment?

Read the selections in the Nash book, readings pp. 117-165 Synthesize the reading selections for completing the discussion post. Combine the content from the selections to point out and analyze similarities and differences between the authors.
What do Taft Stadium, Wintersmith Park, Green Leaf State Park, and Robbers Cave State Park (in Oklahoma) have in common? Which state and federal programs allowed their establishment? How do the programs differ? Have you been to or were aware of these places in Oklahoma? What does this say about the efforts made to conserve and develop (for pleasure and recreation) these places? If you’re not familiar with Oklahoma or these parks, identify a city park, and two state parks from your home state to respond.
Your post should be substantive, not just your opinion, but also a position that is supported by clear and credible evidence to support your response from the course material, or outside material if appropriate. Be sure to include citations (APSA style) for outside material, attributions or citations for course material. Avoid using unsupported personal opinions, generalizations, or language that others might find offensive.
Nash, Frazier Rodrick. 1990. America Environmentalism: Readings in Conservation History. ISBN # 978 0070 460591.