Which social media platform did it use and why?

Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson, editors at Wired Magazine, are credited with coining the term “crowdsourcing” in 2005.
The following three brief articles highlight the importance of crowdsourcing in industry: (1) What Is Crowdsourcing?; (2) What Is Crowdsourcing?; (3) Crowdsourcing Industry Trends: Unique Ways Companies are Leveraging the Crowd.
Using these articles, complete a brief case study on a company that is using or has used crowdsourcing.
Report your case study using the following bullet points:
Identify a company that uses or has used crowdsourcing
Briefly discuss why the company used crowdsourcing. What did the company hope to accomplish using crowdsourcing?
Briefly highlight how the company conducted its crowdsourcing. Which social media platform did it use and why?
What was the outcome?
Prompt: These short papers utilize the case studies in your textbook and additional resources and readings in the respective module Reading and Resources
folders. Be sure to read all assigned readings in the textbook and in the assigned supplemental resources prior to writing these short paper case studies.
papers are due in Modules One, Three, Four, Five, and Seven.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Effectively identifies the new media issues
II. Examines the impact/effect(s)the issues and/or new media technologies in society
III. Analyzes the potential consequences of the new media technology
IV. Predicts the outcome or end result in the use of new media technology
Use links for reference on paper: