When i was younger, my aunt would take me with her to the wet market so i could help her carry bags, and then she’d take me to jollibee as a reward for being such a good worker.

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Angel Lee
Oct 18 at 1:49 pm Earliest Memory Discussion
In the earliest memory that I could remember, I was in the second grade of elementary school. We resided in Elk Grove, California with my oldest brother. My parents, some siblings, and I lived temporarily in my oldest brother’s house together because at the time, my parents were still looking for a place to stay. I attended school with my older brother who was 13 months older than me. When the school bell rang for the school session to be over for the day, I gathered my things up and packed my backpack. My mother had a designated area to pick us up from school and we were instructed to go to that “spot”. Prior to dropping us off that day, my mother informed us that she was unable to pick us up after school and that always meant we had to walk home. My brother and I walked home from school that day. It was not a far walk and as my memory can recall, we only lived about 7 minutes away from the elementary school. When I arrived home, only my father was home. Everyone else was either running errands or at work. I verbalized to my father that I was very hungry and wanted to eat. My father is not the main cook in the family, usually my mother cooks every meal. He said he will make scrambled eggs for me. I happily said okay! While my father was making rice and scrambled eggs for me, my mother returned home. She began yelling and saying my father is not cooking properly. She told him to not feed me “those nasty eggs”. I was sitting at the kitchen table eagerly waiting to eat. My father served the scrambled eggs to me anyways. I remember my mother walking towards me at the kitchen table, she grabbed the plate of food and walked towards the trash can to dump it out. I cried loudly as I was very hungry. A part of me also did not want my father to feel like his cooking was not good enough. I cried loudly for my mother to not throw it away. After she heard me, she paused. She said to me, “This is not good. Your father did not make it properly.” At the time, I did not understand what she meant but the eggs appeared and tasted fine to me. In research from Hamilton, ” people usually begin knitting together all of these smaller stories into a larger life story” (Hamilton, 2014). When I asked my mother of this memory, she stated that she remembers this day as well. She recalls my father cooking spoiled eggs for me and said he used a bad oil to fry the eggs. It was unhealthy and she did not want me consuming any of it. I unfortunately do not have a photograph of this memory but the memory is as clear as one in my mind. I remember it clearly as if I had photographed it in my phone or recorded a video. It is amazing how our memories can recall some of our earliest memories even years later. My mother helped me make my memory come to life as she agreed to the sequence of events. According to Hamilton, “when a parent helps a child give shape and structure and context to a memory, it’s less likely to fade away.” (Hamilton, 2014).
Beatrice Santiago
Earliest Memory Discussion
Infantile amnesia is a condition in which an adult has trouble recalling memories from their early years, and it is linked to the rapid forgetting typical of childhood. As I try to remember, all I know is I have fun when I was a kid, and my aunt who took care of us. I will cherish those memories forever.
Just know that my mom’s sister raised us from the time we were babies until we were teenagers. Even up to this day, even though I have a family and recently relocated to San Diego, whenever I visit my aunt in the bay area, if I have a craving for something specific, she will make it for me without hesitation. My aunt is single and childless. Since my father is stationed in Kuwait and my mother works at an office in Manila. Because my parents are both quite busy, my aunt takes care of all our needs, both at home and at school which I am very grateful for, and she has my unconditional love. She never failed to prepare one of my favorite foods, which is why I was a plump child when I was between the ages of four and five years old. When I was younger, my aunt would take me with her to the wet market so I could help her carry bags, and then she’d take me to Jollibee as a reward for being such a good worker. I now know that anytime she shows up with her wallet and a shopping bag in hand, we are headed to the wet market. Since then, I’ve accompanied her on all her grocery runs. In all honesty, I enjoy coming with her, especially when she is trying to get a better deal on some meat or fish, and I get a treat for helping her out. Every weekend, we will wake up early around six in the morning just to go to this mini bakery that sells freshly baked hot “pandesal” (bread) because it will sell out soon. Sundays were always “music day” in my house growing up; my mom and her sister (my aunt) would put on records by musicians like the Carpenters, Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, and many more from the ’50s and ’70s.
Because of the involvement of latent memories, this may be an instance of classical conditioning.