What the policy is and what are the solutions.

topic of research paper: Housing Stability and affordable housinf for
low-income families.
Your final paper must include the following and be in the following order:
1. Cover page
2. Abstract
3. Introduction
4. Literature Review
5. Discussion/Conclusion
6. Reference page
The Family Legislation Research Paper is a 3-5 page paper (not to exceed 5 pages).
You are required to have 3 scholarly articles and 2-3 reputable websites.
Abstract: required to be 1 short paragraph.
The abstract should be able to stand alone. If someone read only the abstract, they should understand
what the policy is and what are the solutions. It should be an overall summary including the purpose
of the policy, solutions found, and conclusions. It is a brief synopsis of your research. You should
write the abstract after you finish all other sections of the research paper.
Brief Introduction: required to be 1-2 paragraphs.
The introduction sets up your paper. Begin the introduction with a clear statement of what you are
examining, and why it is important. It should briefly describe the focus of the research paper (topic)
and discuss possible solutions and policy action for your topic.
Be sure your solutions for the policy have research to back it up. I will take points if you do not
include solutions that are backed up by research for the policy.
Literature Review: required to be 2-3 pages.
The literature review is a summary of the chosen topic utilizing research. It also addresses the
identified solutions using what research and websites report, describes the policy in detail, and how
these solutions support the policy.
The literature review will discuss the scholarly and website sources you are using. Make sure that
you do not just summarize the articles.
• Use the research articles and websites, that you read, to describe what is known about the
• Use evidence from the articles to back up your solutions and policy.
• Explain how research supports your policy.
Discussion/Conclusion: required to be ½ to 1 page.
You will be citing your sources in the discussion section. The discussion is the time to really present
how your policy will aid families. HOWEVER, DO NOT USE I, my, or we STATEMENTS; I will
take points. It will feel like you are repeating the introduction and literature review.
• Begin with a very brief summary of how the policy will aid families. • Next, explain how resources relate to your solutions for your policy.
• Also, point out the limitations of your own research and make suggestions for future research.