What other types of data could be collected to address the objectives?

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Case Study Discussion Questions
Discuss other options that might have been used for the data collection.
Some methods of data collection not previously mentioned in this example are transactional tracking, or in-depth interview data collection (Harvard, 2021). The team in this example use direct access data and online tracking to get closer to their original goal. I particularly like the use of the QR code and online tracking data collection method.
What other types of data could be collected to address the objectives?
The team’s overall goal is to:
“Collect 2 months of baseline data regarding what cafeteria food most commonly was purchased during the 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. hours of operation, 7 days per week; collect 2 months of baseline data regarding the fat, sodium, and sugar content of the foods most purchased; and collect survey data from employees and visitors purchasing food in the hospital cafeteria. (Perrin, 2022).”
However, I would have liked to see and collect data on food quality and pricing. I am curious to know if these two factors are affecting food buying and consumption.
What might be the challenges facing the hospital cafeteria with the change to serving healthy food options?
Simply put, those who have the option to eat the new healthy food may not eat it. In addition, their may be some backlash from the new food options. Also, the cafeteria may lose revenue from their new options.
Two ethical issues that should be considered.
There could possibly be an issue with tracking buying data from individuals’ phones. What if there is a breach in data? Also, there is a risk of selling data to outside vendors that could potentially cause a risk of a data breach or leak.