What kinds of evidence are used?

Read and annotate the text
Reflect on the author’s purpose
Consider the kinds of evidence the author uses
Restate the thesis in your own words
Write a brief summary of one of the main points
Re-read the text to compare it to your summary notes
Begin writing, following the basic structure outlined below
Check for clarity, coherence and correctness
Final structure of the précis:
· First section – here you include the basic information from the article: When and where is the article published? What is the subject of the article? Most importantly, what is the author’s main argument?
· Second section – consider how the author presents their evidence: Focus on one of the sub-points in the article. What’s the author using this example for? What details are used to advance the argument? What kinds of evidence are used?
· Third section – discuss the importance of the story within the context of the course: How does the article enhance your understanding of the period under study for the course?
Requirements: about two pages double spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font. You must incorporate at least three cited quotes into your analysis.
Structure: Do not write a full five-paragraph essay. This short paper should follow the précis structure. Each section should be one paragraph, maybe two.