What is required for the review of literature?

20 pages total broken down into 4 categories that explain the research in areas related to your selected topic. Essentially, 4 small papers that can be connected to cohesively work together to thoroughly discuss the topic you have selected. This should be handed in as one document with a copy of your one page rationale preceding it (The problem statement worksheet). Please use 12 to 15 different sources for your literature review.
Examples of sources:
Academic Journals-research articles are abundant and should be relied on heavily with the literature review (peer reviewed).
The Internet –no more than two sources- the internet may not be credible and should be used with caution.
The U.S. Department of Education www.accesseric.org. ERIC stands for Educational Resources Information Center. Journal articles, research reports, conference papers, curriculum, and teaching guides.
What is required for the Review of Literature? You are writing about the current research that exists with your topic area. You should be able to unpack your research questions into smaller units and then write 4/5 small connected papers about each of the areas that is included in your research questions. The rubric will also assist you and is used for the grading process but pay particular attention to the requirements in the attached assignment as well.
Example: Does playing classical music immediately following lunch with my 6th grade self-contained students have a positive affect on their ability to focus on math.
Areas for research:
Classical music (or music in general) and preteens/teenagers
Growth and development of 6th graders
Causes related to the inability to focus in Math
Strategies that increase student focus
After breaking down your own question/s similar to the above, follow the assignments to write your very long paper. This is one long paper with transitions to connect each part of your area breakdowns. Please do not submit separate files for each of the areas that you have determined are best for your project. Your paper should end with a brief statement suggesting the research does not show what you plan to do which is why your work is valuable and as a result important to conduct the research.
***My RESEACH QUESTION: What happens to the quality of students’ focus and ability to stay on task when we implement a movement program throughout our 4th grade self-contained class?
***My Areas for research:
movement program (or movement breaks) and children (5 year old – 10 year old)
Growth and development of 4th graders
Causes related to the inability to focus in class
Strategibcies that increase student focus