What is cultural distance andhow does it affect the mne (multinational enterprise)?

4 PROMPTS @ 150 words each. 1 ESSAY with 3 paragraphs @ 150 words each == 1,050 words total.
Promps (150 words each)
1. Explain what is involved in a franchise argument, and why a company going internatinoal might use it? Provide examples.
2. List and explain the defining characteristic of globalization?
3. What is greenfield investment as a mode of FDI, and what are the benefits to the foreign investor?
4. What is cultural distance andhow does it affect the MNE (multinational enterprise)?
Essay prompt:
Explain the reasons why a company may want to expand into foreign markets, and how would the company go about identifying the right market to enter (450 words)
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*Read Chapter 1, 2, and 3 to answer the prompts/questions & include the vocabularies and informations from those chapters into your writings.
*No outside sources; only in the textbook and your ideas & thoughts for the writings.
The Global Business Environment ebook: