What is a cognitive assessment?

Read the monograph entitled Psychological Assessment and Asian Americans in
1. How does the US Census Bureau identify Asians? identify some of the subgroups of Asians.
2. What has been the major challenge in assessing Asian Americans?
3. What biases appear when using the Becks Depression Scale with Asian (Americans)? What is the Becks Depression Scale?
4. What have been the significant limitations in using Personality Assessments with Asian (Americans)? Discuss the MMPI and the TAT. What is the MMPI? Where was it developed and for what reason?
5. How do Asians perform on Cognitive Assessments. What is a Cognitive Assessment? What is meant by calling them the model minority? How may this title impact Asians when it comes to assessments?
6. Identify three present-day challenges impacting assessment with Asians. What are three considerations that may make a difference in culturally-appropriate assessment of Asians?