What if you’re really struggling and your usual methods don’t work?

1) How do you learn best? Hands on, videos, hearing the teacher talk it over, writing it down, another way? What about the method(s) helps you understand it? If you keep notes/ references, what kind helps the most: written, examples, videos, photos, etc.?
2) What steps do you take to go from hearing/ watching the teacher to being able to do it alone? Re-working example problems, work along with the teacher, listen and hope, etc? Is it more than one of those, or is there a specific order it happens in? Do you use your reference every time, or do you eventually do it alone? If you eventually do it alone, is it repetition or a “lightbulb moment” thatgets you going on your own?
3) When coding/ solving problems, what is your solution when your program needs to be debugged (has errors)? Give up? Read the error report? Ask me immediately? Ask your neighbors? Ask your duck? Google? What if you’re really struggling and your usual methods don’t work?
4) Of your references you keep for my class, which ones do you refer to the most: writtien notes, code- along notes, photos of the board? Do you annotate/ analyze your references later (Focused Notes, Cornell, re-write, simplify, etc)?
5) How well are you understanding concepts in my class? No clue what ‘s going on? Copy/ paste/ hope? Mostly got it? Spectacular? Are there certain concepts you’re really struggling with? If so, why do you think you’re struggling?
6) Based on how you answered number 5, do your reference/ practice/ synthesis habits need to change? What might need to be changed?
7) What, if anything, do I need to do to help you synthesize the information better? Slow down/ allow processing time in class, do only coding notes, more practice coding before assignments, more definitions, etc.?