Watch the documentary: life’s greatest miracle .

Watch the documentary: Life’s Greatest Miracle . It’s about 50 minutes long and answer the Reflection Questions
What information or facts in the film did you find most surprising or interesting?
What information was most puzzling to you?
What information did you think was most useful?
What questions do you still have?
Remember to save your document in Word or as a PDF.
3. Post to the Assignments dropbox for the Life’s Greatest Miracle
This is a reflection assignment: you should be trying to think about your own learning, and connecting the film to other material in the class. Here’s a few other guidelines:
A 500 word minimum is a good guideline to follow.
Formal, college level writing: full sentences and paragraphs; correct grammar and spelling; no bullet points.
You don’t need a cover page; name, class and date in the upper right hand corner is fine.
Remember to note (in APA format) any other external source you used in formulating your answers.