Visionary leadership (13.2) chapter 13, page 404.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you synthesize your learning from the course to real-life application through the completion and analysis of self-assessments.
Complete the following self-assessments, all located in the textbook, and then follow the instructions below:
Visionary Leadership (13.2) Chapter 13, page 404.
Your Strategy Style (13.3) Chapter 13, page 416.
Cultural Preference Inventory (14.2) Chapter 14, page 445.
After you complete the self-assessments, write a 250 to 300 word summary of your results for each assessment. For this week, that means you should turn in, as one document, the above self-assessment that are clearly labeled, and each of which is 250 to 300 words.
Be sure to clearly state the results of the assessment. I don’t need a breakdown of all of the true/mostly true answers, etc. Instead, you should state your score and what that means.
After stating the results, you should discuss them using terminology and concepts from the chapters and address any surprises you find in your results. Also, describe any weaknesses the self-assessments uncovered and explain how you can turn those weaknesses into strengths. If you feel the results do not reflect your own strengths and weaknesses, explain your answer and be prepared to back up that position!
Because you will be discussing the results of your self-assessments, you may write in first person. No citations or outside resources are required, but if you choose to use them, please cite them in APA format. You may submit your summaries as a single document; however, please clearly label each summary with the name of the applicable self-assessment so that when I read your work I will immediately know whibcich self-assessment you are discussing.