Video: conference dispatch: the adoption of a new vision (3:45)

APTA Vision Statement
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to the Vision statement of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and to familiarize students with the eight guiding principles used in the development of the Vision statement.
This assignment is intended to show evidence that you have achieved or are working towards the following learning objectives:
State the APTA Vision Statement and discuss the impact on current and future practice.
Review the following materials:
PDF: Vision Statement for the Physical Therapy Profession and Guiding Principles to Achieve the Vision
Video: Conference Dispatch: The Adoption of A New Vision (3:45)
Video: Vision: ‘The Human Experience’ (2:38)
After viewing ‘The Human Experience’ video, write a 1-2 page description of how this Vision Statement will guide your personal and professional growth and behaviors. The essay must directly address the Vision Statement and all three components of the Vision Statement (see the grading rubric). You may incorporate concepts from the Guiding Principles but do not summarize the Guiding Principles in your paper. Note: Do not use an essay or personal statement written as part of your application to PT school and try to work the vision statement into it.
Save the file as a Word document to your computer with YourLastName.FirstInitial.Vision (Stanley Paris would be Paris.S.Vision) After completing this assignment, click the assignment title link above, upload your completed essay, make sure the preview is visible, then submit.
The paper should be at least one full page if single spaced and two full pages if double spaced, not including the references.
To understand how your assignment will be assessed, refer to the scoring rubric.