Using qgis or another program.

The master’s degree is on Real estate Investments & Finance, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The subject is “How spatial planning affects the value of real estate,” and it has two strands, one theoretical and one practical. The theoretical is the analysis of the spatial planning, not the analysis of the laws, epigrammatically in order not to go off topic, more emphasis should be made on how the spatial planning shaped the values of the properties. Since I am from Thessaloniki, they suggested that I take as an example the areas of Kalamaria, Pylaia, Evosmos, how they spread and what changes they have in real estate prices, and the tutor of the school suggested that I compare it with the United Kingdom. The practical part is to show with maps this change of spatial planning in some areas that I will choose, if you want you can put other areas either of Athens or Thessaloniki or anywhere. Using QGIS or another program. They ask for 15,000 words, and it must be original, that is, something new should come out, not from already existing results.
Please be sure on your bids, since I need exactly what is asked about the areas on the analysis.