Unit 8 Project HRM634

Given the scenario above, Ingrid would like you to design a simple staffing plan for the sales associates in her showrooms to include the following specifics:

Strategic Staffing System Proposal 

1. Identify her business strategy, e.g. cost-leadership, differentiation, specialization, or growth strategy.

2. Develop and write a Talent Philosophy paragraph 

3. Decide on the Nine Staffing Decisions (page 49). Indicate why you selected each.

4. Include a short example of a policy statement related to either the ADA, ADEA, or Title VII of the CRA. (A few paragraphs)

5. Decide on a recruitment message and where you would recruit for sales associates.

6. Choose one selection predictor, e.g. interview, cognitive ability test, personality, integrity test, etc. Tell Ingrid why you selected it, and include its general validity coefficient and why this matters to her.

7. Decide on a scoring method for the selection predictor you chose.

8. How would you show Ingrid if the selection system is effective, i.e. what methods of evaluation would you use?

Submission Requirements

· Recommendation presented to a business owner. 

· Must contain a professional tone

· 5-7 pages (excluded title and reference page)

· Double-spaced, Size 12 pt Times New Roman font

· Follows the must current APA formatting guide

· A minimum of 4 references