Undocumented Offenders

Follow the questions :
1-) Undocumented inside jails Statistics
2-) Policies used when illegals commit a crime?
3-) Ethnicities- origin (ex: Mexicans, Hondurans, Cubans, )
4-) how much money is costing? the Bureau of prisons and the Government?
5-)what type of crimes do they usually commit? Examples; Drug smuggling, Visa crimes, gangs, etc
6-) Conclusions
Note: you can add a 3-5-minute video regarding the subject and pictures of immigrants in jails or gangs in the slides.
You can use any presentation format: Prezi, Adobe Spark, Google Slides, Keynote
Be sure not to overcrowd your slides with information.
Be thorough, but also be concise.
Use bullet points to highlight main points.
If you use graphics, be sure to condense them, so your presentation is not too large.
Mechanics: PowerPoint does not require that you write full sentences or paragraphs; in fact, this will detract from your presentation; however, your ideas must flow logically, and your points should be presented in a consistent format. Check your spelling and use standard American English.
You should consult at least three sources in preparing your presentation. Your last slide should be a reference slide following APA format. All reference sources should be in alphabetical order and in APA format. Please see Purdue OWL.Do not use WIKIPEDIA or any similar search engine. Use journals, books, and other academic sources.
Note: This is parole and probation class and the credits go as follows :
Name: Jorge Carballido Gonzalez
Instructor: Nancy Alleyne
Course: CJC-1162-Parole and Probation
Note: I have attached a Powerpoint presentation of the corresponding chapter so you have an idea of what is expected
and screenshots of the corresponding book community corrections 12th edition which is the one we are using, you can use it as a source if needed. Let me know if you need extra clarification. Thank you.