Two current peer-reviewed authoritative resources (academic journals),

Assignment. For this project you will select
two current peer-reviewed authoritative resources (academic journals),
one current trade resource, and
one current popular resource used in the discipline affiliated with your major or future career and write a report about these resources.
Your report should describe the characteristics of the four resources:
What makes the authoritative resources credible for scholars and professionals in your discipline?
What are the characteristics of the trade resource and popular resource, and how are they different from the authoritative resources?
For all four resources you choose:
Who creates/assembles/edits the resource?
What are the purposes of the resource and who are its intended audience(s)?
How are they published (made available to readers)?
Why did you choose these specific resources for your report?
How might these resources each contribute to your work in your field, both as a student/scholar and as a professional?
The information you provide in your report should include summary/paraphrase/quotation of information gathered as well as examples from articles within the resources, so be sure to properly cite all ideas/information/material/examples. Your report should inform your audience about authoritative, trade, and popular resources affiliated with your discipline.