Topic issue: systemic racism

Identify the issue, government. and government Ministry you have chosen for the assignment. You will also describe the problem, and outline why and how the issue is a public policy problem, giving enough context to show why it is something that needs to be addressed by your government in the coming months. After addressing the problem, your team will also outline which stakeholders are involved and explain what their interests in the problem may be/are.
Identification of Issue
· Clear description of issue
· Issue is related to social justice
· Correct reference to level of government and Ministry
Public Policy Problem
· Clear description of the problem and how it is a public policy problem
· Identification of any framing considerations
· Identification of stakeholders
· Clear articulation of stakeholder interest
Assignment Details:
Topic Issue: systemic racism
Province: BC
Government ministry: BC Ministry of Education and Child Care (Incorporating history in education system; compared to other provinces)
-Research Ministry of Education -mandates -Over all control -problems
Stakeholders: BC Ministry of Education and ChildCare, provincial and federal government, indigenous communities, educators?, public?
-interests of stakeholders
-problems for stakeholders?
Problem, and outline why and how the issue is a public policy problem,
-talk about critical race theory aswell.