This is where you go beyond your process for selecting that objection and respond to it in terms of your position.

In your post, approach your topic from a single angle so that you begin with a precise, focused argument. The more specific your thesis statement, the easier it will be for you to avoid generalizations and produce an insightful analysis. This discussion will also provide you with the opportunity to query your peers to help you identify possible counterarguments to your position.
Post a brief overview (1-2 paragraphs) of your topic choice for approval, including one possible resource. At this time, you should have read your the Final Project Essay Guidelines and Rubric document to review the topic options, as well as the Final Project Prospectus Guidelines and Rubric document to begin to respond to the questions listed. Once you receive your instructor’s feedback, you should be prepared to complete and submit this assignment.
1. Briefly explain the problem you have chosen. How does it arise, and what issues does it present?
2. What three resources have you chosen to use as you develop your final essay? Provide full bibliographic information AND a brief statement (three
sentences maximum) of the main point of each of them. Remember that these should be philosophers with relevant opinions on this topic.
3. What is your position on your chosen topic? State your position in one sentence and provide five sentences maximum on why you take the position you
take (your reasoning).
4. What is an objection to your own position? State the objection and explain its significance.
5. Expand on the objection you provided in question #4 in three to four sentences. This is where you go beyond your process for selecting that objection
and respond to it in terms of your position. Ensure that your response here identifies the objection, illustrates it using an example or fact from question
#2, and responds to it with not only your criteria for why your position is a logical response to this objection but uses one of the pieces of evidence or
facts from #2.
Free Will and Determinism: Do we have free will, or is everything we do traceable to a complex series of causes and effects over which we have no control? In your essay, show how the problem arises, discuss the three major theories about free will, and support one of them with your own argument.
Your citations should use at least three major philosophers’ beliefs/arguments to support your argument or serve as evidence
for the counterargument.