This is a creative process, so you are in control, and you are responsible for coming up with experiences, discussing them, and developing your ideas (and leaving out material that is not as interesting).

I have read your proposal for the first essay. I see that you have put significant thought and work into this and there are good aspects. I think you have interesting material or a set of topics. Of course, a good amount of work needs to be done.
First of all, I wonder what exactly your topic is. Is it your relationship with your mother or your mother? You seem to concentrate on the latter topic. But I think the former topic would be better for your essay: your relationship with your mother. And I think you need to think of specific experiences that have a real feel to them, or one major experience perhaps.
We tend to be sentimental and idealize mothers. I think that there may be some of that in your proposal, and it does not strike me as real. On the other hand, we tend to devalue mothers in relation to fathers, and I think that appears to happen when you call the father the “head of the family” and the mother just the “neck.” Such commonplace cultural discourse should not be accepted at face value. They are drummed into our heads so much that we tend to accept them without question. Often, all a mother does is not valued very much. A father traditionally works outside of the home, often earning money, and is much celebrated for that, while a mother often does unpaid labor in the home, which is not valued. There is a common sexual division of labor that often reflects the inequality and misogyny of traditional culture. We may well need to try to go beyond such things, which is not easy to do.
But these generalities will not take us far. You need to begin to come up with one large or a set of related smaller actual experiences and to examine them. In fact, it is often good to begin with an experience.
Often, problems are interesting. I think you are thinking of problems your mother faces, and that could be good, and it could lead to a discussion of feminist issues. But problems are often interesting, so you may well want to think of real problems that you and your mother have had. This may not be an easy topic to discuss, but you should do the best you can to be frank. Perhaps trying to strike a balance between respect for all your mother does and an honest view of the problems you may have had with your mother might be a good perspective. That is just an idea, and you will have to decide on your general perspective and other aspects of the essay.
Before you do that, I think that you need to think about and come up with one or a few actual interesting and telling experiences that you can use in the essay, which is kind of a personal essay in which the writer tells a story and discusses the issues that are raised by the story.
Beginning with a set of vague generalities is a common and natural way to begin an essay, but not a very interesting one. Beginning with an event, or any actual specific experience, is usually, in fact, often a good way to begin this type of essay. This might lead to a discussion of the issues raised by the experience or event. And this might lead to other short anecdotes of experiences or not, depending on the best way you can find to develop the essay, which should be both interesting to an informed audience who does not know you and thoughtful.
I cannot tell you exactly how to come up with experiences or exactly how to analyze the specifics of the experience(s) or what specific conclusions you may come up with (if any) (sometimes conclusions are not necessary and may seem artificial and not real). But you do need to come up with specific, revealing experiences to use in the essay, I believe.
You are in charge of creating the most interesting essay possible. All I can recommend and suggest is that thoughtful questioning and a probing examination of experience and its context(s) are what are needed.
This is a creative process, so you are in control, and you are responsible for coming up with experiences, discussing them, and developing your ideas (and leaving out material that is not as interesting). To go beyond commonplaces as you analyze your experience in its specifics and in a probing manner is not an easy thing to do. You will have to decide exactly how you will proceed to create the best essay possible.