There is no requirement for an abstract, table of contents, etc., but remember to cite all sources properly.

Attached you will find a paper that has already been done. I just need each question to be a full page in length. For example. Question 1 is only 1 page completed; It should be 2 pages in length. The same goes for questions 2 and 3. You can use the same references for each question. Therefore you don’t have to look for new ones. I will insert the instructions and the questions below. Again, I just need each question to be 2 full pages in length. Thank you.
You will be presented with a series of essay questions to be answered in your own words. You may use any legitimate resource from the web, textbook, lecture, etc., but use your own analytical thought process to ensure evidence of understanding of the material. Your response to each question must be at least two pages and no more than four pages in length.
You must respond using APA format. There is no requirement for an abstract, table of contents, etc., but remember to cite all sources properly. Use appropriate formatting with standard fonts and font size.
Save your file using the file naming convention midterm_studentname (e.g., midterm_johndoe). Submit your completed document to this assignment.
1. From our review of Water Systems in week three, outline the activities taken by the EPA to monitor our water supply through its implementation of an anomaly detection system, the cybersecurity vulnerabilities within this CI, the policies, politics, and other elements that either support or hinder successfully securing our national water systems, and your overall perspective of the technical and operational challenges going forward.
2. Discuss the unique cybersecurity issues as applicable to the Power CI. Specifically discuss the respective potential vulnerabilities and concerns, impact on other CIs, and current government/industry activities, and present your recommendations regarding the future security of telecommunications.
3. Outline the Department of Defense’s (DOD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) responsibilities for Cybersecurity, their respective roles and relationships to fight (defense and offense) in the Cyber realm, the challenges each faces in successfully achieving their responsibilities; and, provide your perspective of what actions you believe should be taken to improve the capabilities of these two departments to enable them to meet their mission objectives.