There are four (4) discussion board assignments to complete.

There are four (4) discussion board assignments to complete. You must post your initial/parent post to the discussion board early in week (by Wednesday of each of week to avoid losing points) then read and post thoughtful responses to two other student’s initial postings by Sunday, the end date. A thoughtful response includes engaging in a back and forth discussion. You are also responsible for managing your initial threads. The initial post should be between 150-250 words and supported by scholarly literature. You are encouraged to draft the initial post, then copy and paste into the discussion form to ensure that you have addressed all components. Please check back regularly in order to respond to two (2) classmates posts. Responses should be 75-150 words.
Course material (textbooks, readings) and other scholarly literature must be used to support your statements. You should demonstrate professional writing skills, such as ensuring discussion board posts have been proofread, are grammatically correct, and formatted appropriately (i.e., use Times New Roman, 12-point). All posts close on Sundays at 11:59 PM. If you wait until the last day or final hours of the discussion period to provide an initial post and respond to peers, then you can expect to lose points. You are encouraged to post early and check-in to the discussion board regularly. A grading rubric is available and you are highly encouraged to follow each criteria.
Discussion Board Rules:
Quantity of response does not equal quality. Therefore, it is important that you not only have something well thought out to share, but that you become a FULL PARTICIPANT in the class.
Raise and answer questions related to the assigned readings.
Share ideas, insights, outside readings and observations with peers.
Relate to the ideas of others in a respectful manner, providing them with constructive feedback.
Help others develop their views and ideas.
Participating by only saying “Great post Robert!” or “Anna, I couldn’t agree with you more!” will NOT count as participation. While I am a firm believer in a supportive learning atmosphere, these comments do not fulfill the intellectual work and stimulation that the discussions are geared toward providing.
Based on the topic you selected for your social movement project, who or what group is perceived to be treated unfairly? What evidence supports or suggests that this particular group has been treated unfairly? Identify and briefly describe at least one national organization that has been instrumental in advocating for this group. Remember: You must provide at least one scholarly source to support your argument.