The report should be divided into:

You will be required to identify and analyse key philosophical aspects of a practical ethics problem, conflict or dilemma (case analysis).
Each student is expected to consider (a) what ethical solutions could have been implemented to ameliorate/stop the problem and (b) reflect on the importance of philosophical ethics perspectives, in light of what they have learned about the case study/real life problem and their learning on the course.
The case-study analyses should be comprised of a brief introduction, the main discussion, and a conclusion. The focus of the analysis should be on demonstrating an ability to identify, describe relevant issues and apply course learnings.
Word Count: 1300 words
The report should be divided into:
1. Brief outline of the problem (not included in word count).
2. An introduction including what the analysis aims to do and the central philosophical question/s;
3. Main discussion: a discussion of relevant ethics and the application to the case.
4. A conclusion asserting what you paper aimed to do, what the key issues you identified were, and what you have concluded from your analysis. New information should not be included in the conclusion.