The popularity of influencer on social media these days

This semester, each student will present and write a research paper (from Introduction to Research
Method) on a science/engineering/technology/mathematics-related topic of one’s choice. Students will
research the issue thoroughly to fully explore and analyze the varying perspectives regarding the
topic. The paper should be approximately 1500-2500 words (5 to 7 pages) in length (plus references
and appendices). Details of the project will be discussed later in the class.
* All assignments/papers/presentations will be checked for plagiarism. The assignments will require
students to write in proper English and in their own words. Where necessary, references must be cited
using APA format. Lastly, all your work should be proofread.
[How Celebrities on social media Influence Teens and Why it Matters]
Intro: Definition of celebrity and social media, History of social media
The popularity of influencer on social media these days
Body1 the negative effects of social media on teenagers.
(Three bad influencers)
Body2 The positive effects of social media on Youth
Body3 Protecting your childrbcien from the bad side of social media