The focus of this chapter is on using quotations.

We have our third reading from our handbook, They Say / I Say! This time we’re reading the third chapter, “As He Himself Puts It.”
Here are the steps you’ll need to take to complete this assignment:
Download the reading, which is They Say/I Say Chapter 3: “As He Himself Puts It Download They Say/I Say Chapter 3: “As He Himself Puts It.” The focus of this chapter is on using quotations. I appreciate the way the chapter calls the quotations “proof of evidence”–but more than anything, I LOVE the way the chapter emphasizes that you can’t just let the quotes speak for themselves. Instead, when we quote, we must then explain what the quotes mean and how they function in the context of our own argument or writing project. The chapter calls this “framing the quotes.” This is honestly one of the skills newer academic writers struggle with the most, so please do give this chapter some careful attention–it even shows you how NOT to frame quotes!
Read and think about this chapters. Your goal is to “digest” the reading by making it useful to you.
Once you’ve digested, created a synthesis of the reading. You have a choice in how to do that, but you’ll need to upload a minimum of 100 words. You may either write a 100-word summary of the reading OR 100 words highlighting something in the reading you found particularly interesting OR a 100-words application statement of how you will use the concept/skill discussed in the reading during this semester, in our class or elsewhere.
You’ll receive full credit for submitting your synthesis on time according to the instructions. I hope you enjoy the readings!