The character limit for each of the three small essay is 300 characters.

Hi, I have already written the essay. I need help with editing/proofreading to make sure they are gramatically correct and have a smooth flow of sentences. The character limit for each of the three small essay is 300 characters. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Meaningful Essay
Reflect on EXPERIENCE and explain:
Why the experience was meaningful and how it influenced you.
Real-estate agent (less than 300 characters)
Being an assistant to a real estate agent in one of the most diverse cities in the US not only gave me the opportunity to have a greater appreciation for cultural diversity but also helped me gain a deeper insight on cultural differences and my commitment to inclusion and diversity in medicine.
IT- Consultant (less than 300 characters)
I was offered an IT job as an SAP consultant by the company manager after an informal exchange I had with him at the airport. Even though I had no prior experience in this field, I was quick to adapt to my new environment with resilience which ultimately influenced me to be well versed to changes.
Tennis captain (less than 300 characters)
Being the captain of my tennis team helped me truly appreciate the value of teamwork and the importance of leadership in an organization. It influenced me to continue taking leadership opportunities whenever possible which has helped me throughout my life to be an advocate for a better change.