Sustainable public transportation in the city of dallas.what is the issue y

Sustainable public transportation in the City of Dallas.What is the issue you are covering? Briefly cite information about the extent of the problem. This section should be shorter compared to the other sections. • How have businesses (global, national, and/or local) tried to address this issue or been impacted by this issue? Explain at least three examples. Cite your sources. • Critically analyze what you discussed in point 2. For each example answer: • Which component of the problem (e.g., social, economic, environmental, and/or political) did the business’s solution address? • Was this a good approach? • What could businesses do better to make a lasting impact related to this issue? • Why is it important for companies to address this problem? Persuasive essay, Single Spaced, Times New Roman, 11pt font in APA format (especially the citation)Cite at least three reliable sources in APA style Free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Contains proper terminology and avoids fluffy language. Skillful use of language/style/tone. Writing shows purposeful organization.Uses appropriate and relevant evidence and examples to demonstrate writer’s knowledge of the topic. All sources used are appropriate for the topic and contribute to the purpose of the work.approach the topic by looking at using energy-efficient vehicles; marketing public transportation; assessing the impact of public transportation on businesses or on consumers; improving public transportation in the area; and many interesting topics, including expanding.Keep it specific to the city of Dallas.Its again a persuasive writing assighnmentTry to use these sources: COURSE NO PLAGARISM