Summarize the story.

addition, you will be able to use outside secondary academic sources to support your claim. You
must develop an independent, critical interpretation of one of the dramas read between Weeks
6-7. You are required to cite and use 2-3 secondary sources in this paper. You should:
● Formulate a clear thesis or arguable interpretation about a work AND
● Support that position by analyzing salient ideas, images, or the literary form of the text.
I’ve read these works, so a summary is NOT necessary. Instead, focus on doing an analysis of the
poems, very similar to your fiction paper. In addition to providing an illuminating close reading
and literary analysis, your writing must be flawless.
Note: Please use DSC’s library and/or google scholar for your secondary sources. Do not consult
non-credible sources such as wiki, blogs, etc. If you have any questions on whether your sources
are credible, feel free to email me.
You will offer a thematic analysis of one of your assigned texts. You will start with a dynamic
and attention-getting intro and a claim–your thesis–that argues for your reading or understanding
of the key theme(s) in the work, and in your body paragraphs, you’ll analyze and explain two or
three (or four) elements or aspects of the work that will help you develop and prove your thesis.
You’ll want to end, of course, with an effective conclusion.
In short, you will provide an independent, interpretive close reading of a text, using your own
analysis along with quotes from the text and references to specific elements of the text, to help
you analyze and explain the work–what it is trying to say, and how it is trying to say it. Doing so
will help you ultimately develop and prove your thesis.
This paper will need to be between 800-1000 words, be double-spaced, in Times New Roman
Font 12, and have an MLA-style Works Cited page. Please refer to the MLA Template available
in the Contents Tab on Falcon Online. The WC page will need to include a correctly formatted
citation for your primary source (that is, your chosen text).
The essay will be centered on your own interpretive/analytical/argumentative claim (your thesis)
regarding one of the works assigned in the class. You will also want to demonstrate that you have
engaged with the text; you′re not simply describing what is in the text but engaging with its ideas
and explaining how some of the work′s elements help create the themes and meanings in it.
In short, you are to be a critical reader and an insightful literary theorist. DO NOT
SUMMARIZE THE STORY. Your paper should effectively and convincingly explain what the
text is saying or suggesting.
There is no Rough Draft assigned, but I will be glad to look at one and/or to meet with you about
your paper. We will also have discussion posts in which we can converse about your ideas.
Important Info