1. Topic- definition of problem- brief description of the problem including common, typical facts regarding epidemiology.
2. Goal of therapy
3. Data Base
A. Subjective
a. brief statement about illness – what patient would tell you
b. Typical subjective presentation of symptoms of problems
c. Less common associated symptoms. Associated symptoms which would signal need for consultation or referral.
B. Objective- signs and symptoms that can be easily measured
a. Description of appropriate physical listed by body systems
b. Rationale for appropriate physical with expected abnormal findings
C. Analysis
a. nursing diagnosis
b. medical diagnosis
c. common differential diagnosis
D. Plan- should reflect preventive aspects, promotion of health, facilitation of self-care, further diagnostic or assessment needed. Treatment plan should also include prescribed medications and dosages, side effects, alternative therapy, non-medication treatments, patient / family education and follow-up.
E. References- at least three current references should be used. Reference list and title page should be in APA format (only those two pages – exception is running head and page numbers on all pages)
F. Protocol should be applicable in the clinical setting
G. Must cite references within the protocol.
H. Uploaded to Canvas on due date (09/28/22)