Statistics Exercise One

Assignment   4
Statistics Exercise I

These weekly exercises provide the opportunity for you to understand and apply statistical methods and analysis.

All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style and must be written at graduate level English, citing the text in APA format.

#1. Given the following values of the mean and median, state the likely shape of the distribution and which measure should be used to summarize it.

(a) mean = 4, median = 4               _______________
(b) mean = 12, median = 2              _______________
(c) mean = 8, median = 18              _______________
(d) mean = 6, median = 14              _______________
(e) mean = 10, median = 3              _______________
(f) mean = 8, median = 8                _______________

#2.  What are two steps to locate proportions under the normal curve?

#3.  The sample mean is an unbiased estimator of the population mean. Explain this statement.

Use SPSS and the provided data to answer the following questions.  Round your answers to the nearest dollar, percentage point, or whole number. 

#4.  What is the mean annual income (INC1) of the participants? A.$43,282  B.$72,133  C.$47,113  D.$34,282

#5.  What percent of the participants are married (RELAT)?   A.28%  B.33%  C.51%  D.59%

#6. What is the modal level of relationship happiness (HAPPY)? A.Mixed  B.Happy  C.Very Happy  D.Cannot be determined
#7.  What is the median income of the participants’ partners (INC2)? A.$24,212  B.$28,945  C.$32,000  D.$48,975
#8. What percent of the participants are age 51 or older? A.4%  B.5%  C.7%  D.10%
Assignment Outcomes:

Assess the concepts underlying appropriate use of various research methodologies 

Analyze how to recognize the inappropriate or deceptive use of research methodology 

Compare/contrast the basic assumptions underlying various statistical operations Summarize the consequences of using various methodological approaches Differentiate between the appropriate and inappropriate application and interpretation of research methods and statistics