Sometime on a warm saturday night logan breaks into his friend jason’s apartment, takes a i pad, and leaves.

1) In a lawsuit between Pennsylvania Retail Association and the Philly Cheesesteak Co. the court applies the doctrine of stare decisis. What is this doctrine? What does this doctrine have to do with the American legal system?
2)Beverly is driving to work along on a narrow road in Blanco County Texas. A Craft Newspaper Truck (CNT) truck crosses the centerline hitting Beverly’s car injuring Beverly, causing her injuries that result in more than $100,000 in medical expenses. Beverly is a resident of Texas, where the accident occurred. CNT has its principal place of business, and is incorporated, in Oklahoma. In what court or courts may Beverly sue CNT?
3)Samuel is out for a walk in his northside San Antonio neighborhood and sees a statute of a golfer in the yard of one of his neighbors and, takes the statute to his home, and tells everyone he owns it. Big Jack, holding a knife, forces Samuel to give him the statute, and runs away with it. Sometime on a warm Saturday night Logan breaks into his friend Jason’s apartment, takes a I PAD, and leaves. Which of these acts are crimes, and what are the differences among them?
4)The employees of the US Treasury Department that work the border crossing between the United States and Mexico learned that they will be subject to routine drug testing. The customs bureau, which is a division of the treasury department, announces this policy along with its reasoning: since customs agents must routinely search for drugs coming into the United States, it makes sense that border guards must themselves be completely drug-free. Many border guards do not use drugs, have no intention of using drugs, and object to the invasion of their privacy. What is the constitutional basis for their objection?
5)Tectonics, a US corporation, is bidding on a project in Nigeria, and its employee wins the bid by secretly giving $100,000 to the Nigerian public official that has the most say about which company will be awarded the contract. The contract is worth $80 million, and Tectonics expects to make at least $50 million on the project. Has a crime under US law been committed? If so, what law?
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