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Hey, so I basically need the sources to revolve around this: “. The proposal of Indian Removal debated in the US Congress was a straightforward expression of that expansionism, the continued westward expansion of American settlers which dispensed with the past policies of the US that had combined treaty negotiations that had the form of a meeting and agreements of equals, and proclamations of Indian rights and sovereignty. The perceived failure of assimilation of Native Americans into the Anglo-American culture, the pro-deportation stance of the Jackson administration, and the lingering animosity of previous conflicts played a part in The proposal of Indian Removal. ”

It will be better if sources are free to access data-based and educational websites but more databased cause I use books like that.

Some other details

The Annotated Bibliography must begin with a one-paragraph (3-4 sentence) overview of the topic, summarizing the research and thesis. The Annotated Bibliography must include at least 5 primary and secondary sources that you have found to assist you in writing your research essay. Sources must be listed in Turabian format. Each annotation must be a minimum of 100 words. For each entry, you will give a description of the source, its strengths and weaknesses, and its value for your research topic.