Sociology – 2 pages max

Instructions: Discuss the benefits and limitations of applying the sociological imagination to individual troubles. Also, what are the society’s responsibility in helping others with his/her individual troubles. Be sure to incorporate the material found in the handout titled Sociological Imagination & Social Responsibility.

Students should limit their resources to scholarly sites ( .edu, .gov, or .org ) journal articles, or books and should still be presented in APA citation format (in-text citations and a reference list)

Posts must be typed, properly defended (with sources) and approximately 1-3 paragraphs in length.

The handout the professor wants us to refer to is attached below.

insert from powerpoint about Social Imagination is pasted below.

Using Our Sociological Imagination • The sociological imagination: – Understanding the link between personal experiences and our social world. • Using the sociological imagination: – Learn to distinguish between personal troubles and public issues. – Personal troubles • Occur within the character of the individual and her or his immediate relationships with others. • Can be resolved by the individual. – Public issues • Some value held to be precious by publics is felt to be threatened. • Requires public debate about what values are being threatened and what the origin of the threat is. • For Example: – If you fail a test because you would rather watch television than study, it is a personal trouble. – If you fail a test because there is so much noise in your residence hall that it is impossible to concentrate, this is a public issue.

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