Simulation PowerPoint


  1. 1. Prepare a brief explanation of the results obtained by you throughout the simulation  by following the guideline below, you can include screenshots from the simulation.:
    1.1. First, give a general overview based on how you played the simulation and the best strategy you designed to gain high profitability. Then, explain each challenge results, and emphasize the questions below in each challenge.
    a. Challenge 1: How do you think a batching strategy affect throughput?
    b. Challenge 2: What is the optimal size of the bar for maximizing profitability?
    c. Challenge 3: Is it worthwhile to change the length of dining time? When would you want to change it? Why?; What is the impact of changing dining time? What will change the dining time due to dining room utilization?
    d. Challenge 4: How can you reduce demand variability? What worked? What did not? and How much?
    e. Challenge 5: Is it a good idea to use different types of batching methods at different times? If so, why, and when would you do so?
    f. Challenge 6: What do you think is the best strategy for maximizing profitability? What do you think is the best strategy for maximizing throughput? Are there any correlations between these variables?