When writing a book review, the writer must focus on the many factors to provide the best quality literature piece.  

When reading a book, seek for a declaration of the main aim, viewpoint, and topics in the introduction.

Afterward, carefully read the whole book. If you have an overview of the main topics and concepts, it will make more sense.

Review the key points of each chapter’s themes and concepts after reading it, then make a note of them.

Consider yourself in a conversation with the author or authors while you read the book. Ask the author questions, then read the book to determine whether you agree with their responses.

Regarding how to write a review: Reviews should provide succinct summaries of the topics, concerns, or problems that the books address.

Essays must provide concise explanations of the authors’ main points and conclusions, as well as a discussion of how the writers arrived at their views.

Reviews need to evaluate the books’ advantages and disadvantages and provide justifications.

Lastly, no review would be complete without a discussion and explanation of how much each book advances our knowledge and comprehension of the past.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of communication is one of the main factors used to assess any written work. Carefully revise and proofread your pape to guarantee that the punctuations and grammar are of the highest quality. A “first draft” attempt is very unlikely to meet this requirement.

Clearly define any essential phrases that the book’s author utilized.

Give enough instances and proof to back up the findings and generalizations you make.

The length of the review article should be about 10 typewritten pages unless specified by the lecturer.

Both review essays must be typed, double-spaced, and use a common font with a minimum point size of 12 with a 1-inch margin on all sides.

Use as few verbatim quotes from the book being evaluated as possible. If you must directly quote the author, be sure to do so in quotation marks and provide the page number where the quote is located.

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