What is a report, and how is it different from essay writing? Reports are succinct and follow a prescribed format. They are often used to convey a project’s outcomes or conclusions.

Essays in contrast are frequently used to demonstrate to an instructor your position on a subject. They may have whatever structure the author chooses since they are discursive.

What is a report for and to whom?

You must be certain of your audience and the purpose of the report’s commissioning before you begin to write it.

As you prepare your report, keep the target audience in mind and consider what they should know. 

Reports are often judged based on their language, reference, organization, and substance. The subject of your report should be taken into account, for instance: Are you reporting on an experiment?

• Is background information being provided?

Should you be recommending courses of action?

Language used in reports

Compared to essay writing, reports often utilize more succinct and precise language.

They are often divided into parts, each of which has a header and subheading. These sections may also have more organized phrases as well as bullet points or numbers. A report often has fewer paragraphs than an essay . You must utilize grammar, sentence patterns, and terminology that are all grammatically accurate

Arrangement and organization

Essays are generally less organized than reports. They are structured with bullet points or numbered and organized into sections and subsections.

Although report formats vary by discipline, the following are the most typical:

front page

The title page should be informative, descriptive, and briefly state the report’s content.

Abstract (or Executive Summary in business reports)

The report’s background, methodology, results, and conclusions are succinctly summarized in the abstract. It is a good idea to write this part last since it is meant to offer the reader an overview of the report before they continue reading.

The fundamental issue and goals should be stated in an executive summary, followed by a discussion of the most important conclusions and suggestions.


You should explain the backdrop of your study and its goals and objectives in your introduction. In this part, you may also make use of the literature to discuss what is already known about your subject or topic and any gaps. Some reports additionally demand for you to provide a part called “Terms of references” in which you state who requested the report, what it addresses, and its restrictions.


Methodology  In order for others to do the same experiment as you did, the methodology section should accurately describe the materials and methods employed.


Tables, graphs, and figures may be used to explain the most significant findings and trends in this section of your report. You don’t have to try to provide explanations for your findings which will happen in the discussion section.


You are need to critically assess your results during the debate. You may need to restate the thesis of your paper and assess if it has been proven. Additionally, you should evaluate the validity and importance of your results and explain how they relate to earlier studies.


Your conclusion should summarize the findings of your report and provide recommendations for more study or course of action. As a consequence of your research, you may also need to give a list of particular suggestions.


A list of all the sources you consulted for your report is included in the references. The chosen reference style for your school or department, such as Harvard, Numeric, OSCOLA, etc., should be used in your paper.


To elaborate on topics mentioned in the report’s main body, consult the appendices. Appendices are referred to as such if they include more than one item and if there is just one. Appendices may be used to give more material, often facts or statistics, but it’s crucial that the data they include be pertinent to the report’s main points.

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