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How to Write a Project Paper

A project paper is a very formal piece of writing, which aims to present and discuss the results of your in depth study. The following guidelines should be followed.

Organizing the Project Paper

The project paper must have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Before you start the writing process, you should make a detailed outline.


The introduction must describe what the paper will be about and clearly state the approach to the topic as a question or statement. (thesis question (Am.)) The question/statement must be linked to at least one competence aim in the English curriculum and be addressable in about 1800 to 2000 words. The introduction must also present how you chose to solve the task i.e. what method(s) you have used to investigate the question/statement. What you write in the introduction will be decisive for what you write in the rest of the project paper.

Main Body

When you have stated your question/statement and explained how you will solve the task, you can start writing the main body of the project paper. The main body of the paper is your attempt to answer your question/statement. You should present and build up a structured argument about the research. By analyzing and interpreting the sources you have chosen to include in the paper, and supporting your arguments by referring to your sources, you are to reach your own personal conclusion with regards to the question/statement in the introduction. During the writing process, it is important to reread the introduction to be certain that you have accomplished what you set out to do. If you have not, you may choose to edit the introduction so that it matches the main body of the paper.

It is important to use correct terminology when you are writing. It increases the level of accuracy, and thus the standard of the paper. Where it is relevant, you may include illustrations and tables.


The conclusion should summarize the findings from the main body of the paper, and answer the question/statement. The conclusion should not come as a surprise to the reader, but be consistent with the arguments you have used. In some cases, the conclusion will raise new questions, which you can include to show that you have good insight into the topic you have chosen to write about.

What is important?

It is crucial for projects to be concise and provided with the right visualizations using tools such as excel or power bi. These tools give an assignment a visual appeal that guarantees marks depending on the written project. Projects are written for others to evaluate and decipher their meaning. It is therefore crucial to create the best ones in detail and grammar. Why wait? Get immediate assistance from our professionals today.