Scientific Method

This assignment has five parts: (a) Components of Research,(b) Sources of Information, (c) Use and Misuse of information, (d) Established Tools of Measurement, and (e) Types of Research.

Components of  Research: Identify the major components of the scientific method and relate them to writing a research report. Then briefly discuss the concept of “how we know” through applying the scientific method.
Sources of Information: Distinguish between primary and secondary sources and discuss the concept of “suspending trust” in a research report.
The Use and Misuse of Information: Identify and discuss the parameters of a published research study that was widely accepted and then found to be a misuse of data or inaccurate.
Established Tools for Measurement:  Identify and discuss the use of ONE established tool or assessment.
Types of Research:  Distinguish between the two main research paradigms.

Your assignment should be between 3-4, excluding the title page and references. 
Remember to cite scholarly and/or credible references and adhere to the APA referencing style and format. Times roman, 12 font, single space.