Respond to the two classmates posts, respond to each classmate, about a paragraph each.


Respond to the two classmates posts. In this assignment, the writer needs to respond to each classmate, about a paragraph each.

A substantive response to your peer does the following…
Advances the discussion of a topic—says something new
Demonstrates creative and original thought
Provides reasons for a perspective—e.g. if it is agreeing or disagreeing with the assessment, it explains why
Cites evidence (e.g., from the text, lecture, personal experience)
Is courteous (e.g., demonstrates respectful disagreement)
Is professional (you do not need to be excessively formal, but avoid spelling and grammar errors)

Classmate #1 Hope Stumpf


2. I think the tension I examined in my study of Jessie’s girl is plenty important in my own personal/professional relationships. Openness vs. closedness is important when it comes to communication, particularly when the communication is between you and a partner. There are many times during which it will be important to understand when openness is important versus closedness (though most of the time, openness is probably a good idea in a relationship). Predictability vs. novelty also seems important to me. While I do sometimes feel that the need for consistency and stability in a relationship should take precedence, there are of course separate situations when I crave newer and fresher experiences. I think the key here is to find that balance so your relationship isn’t so tumultuous that there is never a moment of peace but also not so routine that it becomes boring.

3. The insights of this theory equip me well to understand the broader concept of balance. In knowing that these tensions exist and knowing what to look out for, we are better prepared to understand communication and perhaps why or why not communication is or is not occurring or going as we’d like. Understanding that there are often, if not always, two sides in any communication or communicative dispute is key to getting to the root of problems. So, in sum, I’d say that the insights of this theory can be greatly applicable in my relationship to understanding why tensions may arise and how to best handle them.

Classmate #2 Isabella Buono

I’d say that the most important tension in my life right now is with my mom. It is sometimes hard to talk to her about all the great things I am doing with school, my friends, and in my soroity because I know she wants me to focus more on working and finding interships. I understand that she wants me to live a successful life and is just trying to push to me to have a more open mind to what is outside of everything I’m currently involved in, such as Blue in the Rio movie. I listen to what she has to say, but I don’t put forth any action to it. After this project I think I’ve realized that in order to grow and better myself I need to put in the work and effort to have a successful future. I need to allow her to offer advice and help then actually take it.

Respond to the two classmates posts, respond to each classmate, about a paragraph each.